Twitter Error 261 - ‘Application cannot perform write actions’

This means that Twitter has blocked your App. To correct this, what you need to do is the following :

  • Visit the link in the error code

  • Select the option ‘My application has been suspended or restricted from performing write actions’. See below for further details that may be required when reporting.

  • Explain that you may have been posting too frequently and that you have corrected the issue. There is also more information here : .

  • Visit your control panel and change the posting frequency to above 30 minutes.

  • Twitter will re-enable your App and posting will continue automatically.

What we’ve seen happen is that when a large number of posts appear very frequently Twitter think that something is wrong. They seem to have an algorithm that does this calculation and the process is very automated. If you contact them they normally realise that it wasn’t SPAM and they lift the restriction. We also recommend changing the posting frequency to around every 30 minutes.

When reporting the issue to Twitter you may need the following details:

  • Application Name : This is the name you gave your App when you set it up.

  • Application ID : To get your Application ID, follow these instructions :

  • Consumer Key : To get your Consumer Key, follow these instructions :

    • Log onto your Twitter account

    • Go to

    • Click on the App that was created for our service

    • Under ‘Application Settings’ you’ll see your Consumer Key

  • Application URL :

  • Under details, explain that your App has been restricted and you would like it reinstated.

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