My Alexa Skill is live, what next?

Please note that while you have received an email advising you that your skill is live, sometimes Amazon have not fully updated their sites. Sometimes images may not fully appear and other times it may take a while before your skill appears in searches. These things normally fix themselves within 72 hours of your skill being made live.

Now that your skill is live, here are some tips on how to use your skill and advertise it to your radio station listeners.

For listeners to be able to use your skill, they will first have to enable it on their Alexa devices, this can be done in three main ways:

  1. By enabling it via the link sent to you in the email, this will take them to the Amazon Alexa Skill Store where they can simply click the ‘Enable’ button which will enable the skill on their device.
  2. Via the Alexa App which is available for Android devices here and for Apple devices here, simply search for the skill and click ‘Enable’. Please note : It may take a few days for your skill to start appearing in searches on the Alexa App. This is normal.
  3. The skill can be enabled via voice command. users can simply say to their device “Alexa, enable (the name of your skill)”. Note that the name of the skill is not the same as the invocation name, which can be different. The skill name is typically the name of your radio station as you submitted it to us. Once the skill is enabled on the device, it can then be invoked using the invocation name (as you selected when you submitted the information to us).

You can find a link to Amazons assets to create logos for your Alexa skill and link from your sites and social media here. Please make sure you follow their guidelines.

Your Alexa skill has been published to various regions, in the confirmation email, we only include one link, typically the UK version, but you can point directly to your regional skill by simply changing the link as follows:

UK Version :

US Version :

CA Version :

AU Version :

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